Who am I? Well, I’m still trying to find out.

Introduction…. Introduction… Talk about yourself… Who knew it would be so hard to type a few words about your identity? I’ve checked some “About me” stories from other writers… Let’s say that most of them nailed it! So it’s my turn, and I’ll do my best here.

First things first: Why Haruno?

Well, my name doesn’t really matter since nobody seems to remember it correctly. There are just so many different ways to write it and pronounce it. In French, my native language, I’ve had it in all the variant possible, and abroad people seem to enjoy reinventing it. …

How flower arrangements brought me a new perspective on my work

Ikebana is a traditional Japanese art based on emulating nature in a vase, using different flowers and plants. I recently discovered an interest in this art and learned some things that can apply to writing as well.

1. Your work is original; be proud of it

In Ikebana, you pick the flowers you want to use to create your arrangement. In the case that two people accidentally select the same material, the result will nevertheless end up being different and unique. The way flowers and other components are placed and cut will eventually create an original piece of art.

The same applies to writing. You might decide to choose…

Why being a parent is becoming less common.

The world population grew from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 7.7 billion nowadays. We expect to reach stability at 11 billion by the end of the century. However, the average number of children born per woman in the world, or TFR (Total Fertility Rate), has halved in the last 50 years. I wondered why this decrease in fertility was so significant, so I decided to ask people between 20 and 35 from across nationalities, occupations, and marital status if they wanted to have kids. …

He was standing there, on top of Umanose, looking at the horizon, wondering how he could end his life.

The Sun was hitting hard on his head, making him feel dizzy. The sand beneath his feet was torture. Even the wind, this false friend, acted like it could relieve him from his pain as his skin was burning. He couldn’t care less. He knew the cool water of the sea would help him find peace, but it didn’t matter. Water bore life, and he didn’t want peace. Here, on top of this dune, he was expecting one thing: death.


I remember my grandma telling me this tale when I was a little girl. I used to visit her during the school holidays and spent my summers there until I was 10. I would sit on her lap and look at the mountains on the horizon. Her voice, as soft as the fabric of her kimono, and her warm hands, caressing my cheeks as she brushed my hair, are the most precious memories I have of her.

“This is a story about true love and how the Gods will always help you if your heart is pure,” she said.


Why I need to reconnect with my love for writing

I got lost. I was blind. Some might say that because of my young age, I was naive. I have learned not to trust age. People are not defined by the number of years they have lived. One can be old and still be immature; one can be young and have lived a hundred times more challenging life than our elders. No, my young age didn’t get me lost here on Medium. Inexperience, sure, but above all, idealism.

I joined Medium because of this easy way to publish and be noticed. I was excited to see so many people turning…

Finding meaning in hardship

I came to Japan with 3000$, no place to stay, no knowledge of the language or culture and thinking, “What am I doing here?” Every choice I made was to lead me to Australia or the UK, yet here I am facing the unknown. Some might say I lost my mind somewhere on the way; however, I have learned to have faith in the unexpected. Life has a bad habit of punching you in the guts or stabbing you in the heart. But no matter what I have experienced, I grew to believe in this mantra:

“Everything happens for a…

The courage to be single and gay

Love. It seems to be the zenith of one’s interpersonal relationship, something to strive for and dedicate effort to search for it. Yet, love is elusive, and everyone seems to struggle to find it. Hearing stories about straight people convinced me that true love was rare, and a secret only a few could unveil.

There is worse; however, a harsh reality lived by gay people.

If true love seems to exist for straight men and women, it feels like something impossible to find for gay people.

I grew up in a generation where being gay was considered out of the normal, it still is today, and where role model for young…

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

So, “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by Murakami Haruki. As you may or may not know, I live in Japan, and I love my experience so far. As I was trying to rebuild a book collection, I asked around me for a recommendation. People kept talking about Murakami Haruki as the author of the century. Reviews on the web were engaging, and since I was living in his country, I decided to give it a try. So here it is, Murakami Haruki | The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.

In this book, Murakami depicts the idle life of a jobless man living in…

Okayama prefecture was always a place to visit on our list. That is why we decided to spend three days in Okayama city and use it as a base to move around the area. Because of the coronavirus, we tried to avoid long-distance travel, and our choice was ideal since it was just 2h30 by bus from Kobe. Rather inexpensive (less than 4,000¥ for a round ticket), the ride was comfortable, and we could enjoy the gorgeous view of Japan’s countryside.

When we arrived in Okayama city, we headed right away for a restaurant and our hotel to start our…

Haruno Ryuuga

For the Love of Words, for the love of telling stories.

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